SoundData (Русский)

Содержит не обработанные аудио данные. Чтобы воспроизвести эти данные, вы должны сначала загрузить их в объект Source.


ByteDataData object containing arbitrary bytes in an contiguous memory.
CompressedDataByte data compressed using a specific algorithm.
CompressedImageDataCompressed image data designed to stay compressed in RAM and on the GPU.
Data:cloneCreates a new copy of the Data object.
Data:getFFIPointerGets an FFI pointer to the Data.
Data:getPointerGets a pointer to the Data.
Data:getSizeGets the Data's size in bytes.
Data:getStringGets the full Data as a string.
FileDataData representing the contents of a file.
FontDataA FontData represents a font.
GlyphDataA GlyphData represents a drawable symbol of a font.
ImageDataRaw (decoded) image data.
SoundDataContains raw audio samples.
SoundData:getBitDepthReturns the number of bits per sample.
SoundData:getBitsReturns the number of bits per sample.
SoundData:getChannelCountReturns the number of channels in the SoundData.
SoundData:getChannelsReturns the number of channels in the stream.
SoundData:getDurationGets the duration of the sound data.
SoundData:getSampleGets the value of the samplepoint at the specified position.
SoundData:getSampleCountReturns the sample count of the SoundData.
SoundData:getSampleRateReturns the sample rate of the SoundData.
SoundData:setSampleSets the sample at the specified position.

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