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.lazr. (0.9.0, Local multiplayer shooter, )
Kevin "Gaeel" Bradshaw-Rodriguez - A cyber-neon glitchpunk arena shooter //for the future punks//
Aeternum Blammo (0.7.2, Top Down Shooter, )
Josefnpat - What happens when you take some random latin and add an onomatopoeia?
ArnesBreakout shot0.jpg
Arne's Breakout (0.10.2, Brick-Breaker, )
Arne Schwettmann - Physics-based ball and brick game.
ArnesSpaceTaxi shot1.jpg
Arne's SpaceTaxi (0.10.2, Multiplayer Gravity Lander, )
Arne Schwettmann - Gravity-based space taxi game.
Astro screenshot small.jpg
Astropatrolonium (0.6.2, 2d space shooter, in progress, somewhat playable)
Knorke - destroy space rocks or bounce your friends into them.
AutoBenchmark (0.6.x, , Released)
Schme16 - A simple Automated Benchmarking Tool
Autumn (0.9.0, Puzzle, Released)
Nuno - More than a game, Autumn is a relaxing place for spiritual learning and growth with a soothing atmosphere.
Bd cover.png
Bomb Dodgers (0.9.1, Strategy / Arcade, Released)
Rmcode - Bomb Dodgers is a maze-based bombing game inspired by the classic Bomberman games.
Bubbles (0.6.2, Bubble Popping!, Released)
Roybie - Jellyfish baby saving underwater romp.
BuryMyHeart (0.6.2, , Released)
Willurd - A game where the goal is to figure out the goal of the game
CarWar (0.10.2, Cars, )
Tc1061 - Cars with guns, multiplayer.
Chromatic Paths (0.7.1, Puzzle, Released)
Taehl - Travel through every spot in an area via a treacherous path, set to mellow visuals and music.
CodeBreak screenshot.jpg
CodeBreak (0.6.2, Timekiller, Alfa)
Anhtuan445 - Simple code cracking game.
Colorfactory screenshot2.png
ColorFactory (0.7, Puzzle / Programming, WIP, 0.13)
Ljdp - Control two waldos.
Dave Gone Apeshit (0.7.0, Run And Gun, Finished)
Lukasz - Dave has gone apeshit and is running through buildings with a gun in his hand.
Desert Loot (0.7.x, Loot, Released)
GloryFish - A man walks along the desert carrying a heavy burden. The sun beats down. Where is he going? Where is he coming from? He seems to be collecting a lot of stuff.
Doctor Cat- The Game.png
Doctor Cat: The Game (0.7.2, Jump and Run, )
Josefnpat - A game about a cat who is also a doctor
Fistul of Beef (0.6.2, Action, Released)
LÖVE-PARTY - Killing bulls, with bulls
Freeing Quency (0.9.1, Top Down, )
VEXED - Defeat onslaughts of vile monsters to free Quency.
Gangrene screenshot small.jpg
Gangrene (0.7.1, CCG, Playable Prototype)
Elvashi - Battle and survive after the zombie apocalypse
Giga Pudding- The Game.png
Giga Pudding: The Game (0.7.2, Jump and Run, )
GunFu Deadlands (0.8, Arcade, Released)
Christiaan Janssen - A Far West themed 2D shooter featuring bullet time.
In Your Face City Trains (0.7.2, Arcade, )
SimonLarsen - Avoid trains and drink coffee in an attempt to make it to work.
03 fight2.png
InvaderGame (0.7.1, Vertical Shoot-em-up Game, Released)
Hengying - Reinvention of Vertical Shoot-em-up Game.
Isome screen4.png
Isome (0.7.0, Engine, Released)
Taehl - A 3D isometric engine.
Journey To The Stars (0.9.1, Endless Runner / Racer, Released)
Rmcode - Avoid debris, gain experience and get upgrades.
KeyColor (0.9, Arcade, Released)
Qubodup - Associate keys with colors and press-hold them right in 30 seconds!
Knightvania (0.10.2, Metroidvania, Platformer, Released)
Canoi - A game made for the 365 indies jam. Theme is "This shouldn't be here".
Komoplode (0.6.1, , Released)
Komocode - A simple chain reaction game
Kurosuke (0.7.0, Platformer, Beta, is playable and contains most planned features, but also contains bugs.)
Tentus - Kurosuke is a physics-based platformer that offers singleplayer and multiplayer coop and versus.
Lalalove 2011-11-07 22-32-02-48.png
LalaLove (0.5.0, Music, Final)
SiENcE - Music Game.
LifeOnLove (11.0, Simulation, )
Mihail.mihno - Classic Conway's Game of Life with Gosper's glider gun data
LoveSpin (0.6.2, Arcade, Released)
Thelinx - Loituma/Leekspin - The Game
Lovely Mario Bros (0.6.1, , In Progress)
Deecodeuh - Super Mario Brothers spin off with a twist of Love
Metanet Hunter (0.8.0, 2D Platformer, Released)
NEO NEKUZEN - Metanet Hunter is a 2D retro-styled platformer released by NEO NEKUZEN, with many levels that bring back classic arcade styled action.
Metanet Hunter REMIX (0.9.1, 2D Platformer, Released)
NEO NEKUZEN - Metanet Hunter: REMIX brings back the retro action, and remixes it up!
Missilium (0.9.0, Shooter, Released)
Nuno - Missile Commander on steroids. Fight over 15 battles in 4 different scenarios.
Mr. Rescue (0.8.0, Platformer, Released)
Tangram Games - Mr. Rescue is an arcade styled 2d action game centered around evacuating civilians from burning buildings.
NTUI screenshot.jpg
N.T.U.I. (0.8.0, Platform/Adventure, Released)
Sea Sharp - The games you play are totally bugged! Take your revenge and fight against their creators! 2nd price INNOV'Game 2013.
Nano Space.jpg
Nano Space (0.10.2, shooter, )
Luke100000 - A pixel space shooter with missions and endless levels
Noahs Ark (0.7.0, Platform/Adventure, Released)
Technocat - Help Noah find his animals!
Oh Snap, Aliens! (0.6.2, Shooter, Abandoned)
Nevon - 2D space action shooter game
On The Roadside (0.10.2, Strategy, In Development)
Rmcode - On The Roadside is a turn-based strategy game in which you take control of a squad of mercenaries fighting for survival in a world shaped by unknown forces.
Paper Evolution (0.7.0, Puzzle, Finished)
Lukasz - Use an eraser to save mankind.
Piratebay 02.png
Pirate Bay (0.7.2, Arcade, Final)
SiENcE - Physics based game.
Love 2012-01-30 12-56-51-18.png
Plant game (0.7.1, Puzzle, Open beta)
Taehl, Ensayia - A game about growing and crossbreeding plants to meet various goals or escape disease.
Pnorar (0.9.1, Top Down Shooter, Released)
R-BG - A simple bullethell-like topdown spaceshooter with randomly generated upgrades.
Love 2012-01-30 13-40-41-37.png
Polybius (0.7.1, Arcade, Released)
Pröxima (0.6.x, RTS, Prototype (on hold))
Virox - 2D space strategy game
Quasimofo (0.9.2, Platform, Complete)
Krunkathos - A remake of the classic Hunchback game from the 1980's.

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