Fistul of Beef

Once upon a time (actually, Wednesday the 18th of August 2010) the lover TheLinx stumbled upon the web site of Ludum Dare, home of the famous competition with the same name. He got inspired, and felt Ludum Dare could need some LÖVE, so he spawned the LÖVE-PARTY, the now infamous group that creates epic games.

The first game spawned by LÖVE-PARTY was Fistful of Beef (what a coincidence, you're looking at its wiki page right now!).


The game

Fistful of Beef is a game in which you kill bulls, because.. you are a cowboy.. in a bullfighting arena.. you know what I mean, right? Anyway, you kill bulls, but, you only have a lasso, and choking them isn't exactly an option either. So what do you do? Correct, you use the bulls to kill bulls!


You can find it on github here.

On the download page (here) are binary releases and 'source' releases.