Probably the only (semi-active) hungarian translator for the wiki, for now at least... also musician and hobbyist game designer/coder... and champion procrastinator.

Everlasting LÖVE (and lua) Projects

Links to both forum threads and github pages will be added randomly; it doesn't mean the thing is released. This page -still- needs an overhaul.


  • Omniclock (Various time/date(calendar) formats combined.)
  • Quantum scratchpad (Etherpad-like, except people's text "overlaps" each other.)
  • LoveTracker (A module player implemented in LÖVE.)
  • Wii-U Gamepad implementation over UDP (to work with two LÖVE instances, one on a handheld... needs droid accelerometer and gyro support -> mostly SDL dependent)
  • MUSSORGSAL ˝Small-scale˝ music notation project with realtime playback (using lpghatguy's LÖVE 0.11's queueable Sources)
  • ILyEAN The above, but in ASM/C/C++ mainly... not before MUSSORGSAL works perfectly though.

Games and Engines

  • History of Arcadia (8 "beginner" small game clones, auto-combined in interesting ways)
  • Lövecherto (Auditorium / Symphonia clone)
  • Lionblaster ((multiplayer) bomberman remake/clone)
  • LDME LÖVE Danmaku Maker Engine (Bullet-hell framework)
  • To Be Decided (Poke-mon clone with unique mechanics and story (possibly an mmo never)
  • FyScéal Kea (First orig. game; it's a secret but would be the biggest project i've ever started :3)


  • Lsynth Liko12's hopefully eventual sound/music system. - probably dropped
  • Argös Camera system
  • Dolös Steganography lib
  • Eös Timekeeping lib
  • Hörmes Async net lib
  • Ichnëus Input virtualization lib
  • Seshat Text display & manipulation system
  • (very generic multimodal name generator)
  • (desktop coordinate helper - draggable borderless windows, on windows at least)
  • (cross-platform FFI filesystem un-sandboxer - and maybe a file dialog system on top of the low-level stuff...)
  • (BASSASIO wrapper library for windows, less audio latency for people with soundcards supporting Steinberg's ASIO protocol.)
  • ZVis Various sound visualizers (needs a better lua FFT library than those currently available)
  • ddate - A lua ddate (discordian calendar) implementation.
  • sdate - A lua eternal september calendar implementation.

Wiki related shenanigans

I'd want to think that i'm responsible for the hungarian translations of pages, which is to say, i'm currently way behind on them. I'm also working on a "manual" page for audio functionality, with others, that i hope can be as good, and kept up to date, as it should be. Also its main page.

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