LÖVE Manual

O.png The manual currently sits in the User namespace, since it's a very early work-in-progress.

Nothing apart from the audio chapters are being worked on currently. Chapter divisions apart from the audio one are just illustrative, if it makes more sense otherwise, they'll be modified by more competent people.


This manual is a community effort to help out people, both new to Löve, and those that have been here for a while, that like this format better than the "raw" reference documentation also existing on this wiki, which is accessible from the sidebar to the left.

O.png The examples on the manual pages are kept up-to-date with the latest release-version of Löve. (Unless noted otherwise, usually when working ahead with unreleased functionality only.)

The examples here aren't the only way of solving the specific issues one might have, just to give ideas on how one could use them.



Input - Keyboard and Mouse

Input - Joystick API

Input - Gamepad API

Input - Touch API


Graphics - Basic Shapes and Transformations

Graphics - Fonts and Text

Graphics - Images and Meshes

Graphics - Quads and SpriteBatches

Graphics - Canvases and Scissors

Graphics - Shaders and Blendmodes

Graphics - Window and its Properities

Graphics - Particle Systems

Graphics - Videos


Sound - Beginner - Loading & Basic Playback

Sound - Novice - Using Multiple Simultaneous Sources

Sound - Novice - Manipulating Volume & Pitch

Sound - Novice - Looping & Playback Position

Sound - Intermediate - Types of Sources

Sound - Intermediate - Positional Audio

Sound - Advanced - SoundData & Queueable Sources

Sound - Advanced - Decoders & Recording


Filesystem - Basics


Math - Randomness

Math - Bezier Curves


Löve Internals - The game loop