SpriteBatch (Русский)

Накопление геометрии в буфере, которая может быть нарисована за один вызов.


CanvasOff-screen render target.
FramebufferOff-screen render target.
ImageDrawable image type.
MeshA 2D polygon mesh used for drawing arbitrary textured shapes.
ParticleSystemUsed to create cool effects, like fire.
SpriteBatchStore image positions in a buffer, and draw it in one call.
SpriteBatch (Français)Stock des positions d'image dans un tampon, puis les trace en un seul appel.
SpriteBatch:addAdds a sprite to the batch.
SpriteBatch:addLayerAdds a sprite to a batch created with an Array Texture.
SpriteBatch:addqAdds a Quad to the batch.
SpriteBatch:attachAttributeAttaches a per-vertex attribute from a Mesh onto this SpriteBatch, for use when drawing.
SpriteBatch:bindBinds the SpriteBatch to memory for more efficient updating.
SpriteBatch:clearRemoves all sprites from the buffer.
SpriteBatch:flushImmediately sends all new and modified sprite data to the graphics card.
SpriteBatch:getBufferSizeGets the maximum number of sprites the SpriteBatch can hold.
SpriteBatch:getColorGets the color that will be used for the next add and set operations.
SpriteBatch:getCountGets the number of sprites currently in the SpriteBatch.
SpriteBatch:getImageReturns the image used by the SpriteBatch.
SpriteBatch:getTextureGets the texture (Image or Canvas) used by the SpriteBatch.
SpriteBatch:setChanges a sprite in the batch.
SpriteBatch:setBufferSizeSets the maximum number of sprites the SpriteBatch can hold.
SpriteBatch:setColorSets the color that will be used for the next add or set operations.
SpriteBatch:setDrawRangeRestricts the drawn sprites in the SpriteBatch to a subset of the total.
SpriteBatch:setImageReplaces the image used for the sprites.
SpriteBatch:setLayerChanges a sprite previously added with add or addLayer, in a batch created with an Array Texture.
SpriteBatch:setTextureSets the texture (Image or Canvas) used for the sprites in the batch.
SpriteBatch:setqChanges a sprite with a quad in the batch.
SpriteBatch:unbindUnbinds the SpriteBatch.
TextDrawable text.
TextureSuperclass for drawable objects which represent a texture.
VideoA drawable video.

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