Graphical User Interface

GUI Libraries

NameDescriptionStandalone Lua ModuleLOVE VersionLOVE Min Version
ThranduilUI module for LÖVE sources, website : 4040.9.x0.9.x
QuickieSimple(r), but powerful GUI. (renamed to SUIT)0.8.x0.7.x
GooGUI library for Love0.7.x
LoveUIGUI library for Love0.7.x0.5.0
Message in a BottleA message library for LOVE.0.7.0
GspötGUI library for Love0.11.x
LUIGILovely User Interfaces for Game InventorsYes0.11.x0.9.x
Löve FramesAn advanced GUI library for LÖVE0.11.x11.0
Talkies.luaA messagebox system with multiple-choices, typing effect + sounds and more.0.11.x0.11.x
love-nuklearLightweight immediate mode GUI for LÖVE gamesNo (C wrapper to Nuklear)
Easy GUI SystemEGS is a simple GUI system with events and multiple controls, without over-complicating things.0.10.x
Möan.luaA messagebox system with multiple-choices and more (renamed to Talkies)0.10.x
SUITSimple User Interface ToolkitYes0.10.x0.10.x
fLUIdslove-imgui API wrap for simplicityNo (uses love-imgui (a C wrapper to IMGUI))0.10.x
love-imguiIMGUI module for LOVENo (C wrapper to IMGUI)0.10.x0.10.x
ListBoxA dynamic ListBox for LÖVE 2D. Supports touches, mouses and keyboards0.10.20.10.x
yaouiUI Kit for LÖVE (no longer maintained)Yes0.10.0

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