love.keyboard.getKeyFromScancode (简体中文)

Available since LÖVE 0.9.2
This function is not supported in earlier versions.


The location of a key is based on the keyboard's current language layout, whereas scancodes are the layout-independent representations of where the physical keys are.

For example, the key located where "q" is on a U.S. keyboard has the scancode "q". When using a U.S. keyboard layout it produces the key "q", but when using a French keyboard layout it produces the key "a".

Scancodes are useful for creating default controls that have the same physical locations on on all systems.



key = love.keyboard.getKeyFromScancode( scancode )


Scancode scancode
The scancode to get the key from.


KeyConstant key
The key corresponding to the given scancode, or "unknown" if the scancode doesn't map to a KeyConstant on the current system.

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