enet.host create

Returns a new host. All arguments are optional.

A bind_address of nil makes a host that can not be connected to (typically a client). Otherwise the address can either be of the form <ipaddress>:<port>, <hostname>:<port>, or *:<port>.

Example addresses include "", "localhost:2232", and "*:6767". If port is 0, the system automatically chooses an ephemeral port and you can get port number by host:get_socket_address().



host = enet.host_create(bind_address, peer_count, channel_count, in_bandwidth, out_bandwidth)


string bind_address
The address to connect to in the format "ip:port".
number peer_count
The max number of peers. Defaults to 64.
number channel_count
The max number of channels. Defaults to 1.
number in_bandwidth
Downstream bandwidth in bytes/sec. Defaults to 0 (unlimited).
number out_bandwidth
Upstream bandwidth in bytes/sec. Defaults to 0 (unlimited).


enet.host host
The requested host.

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