Warlocks Tower

Hardship! Sorrow! Fates worse than death and all that! Get ready to reach unspeakable heights in this new movement puzzle! Wear the tidy uniform of brave mailman Tim and be the one who delivers a message of truce to the Evil Wizard, which has been sucking the world dry with his dark magic. But the task is not as easy as it sounds! For every floor is a maze of rooms, each of them cursed, draining away the mailman's life with every step he takes!

Will you be able to reach the tower's top floor and restore peace to the entire planet? Or will you perish, in this place forsaken by the very Gods themselves?


  • AMAZING 8-bit flavored graphics and sfx/music! Feels like playing your GameBoy™ again!
  • 5 DIFFERENT WORLDS, each with its own theme (dungeon, factory, storage, library and laboratory)!
  • Over 100 stages of BRAIN-MELTING puzzles! Find keys, pull levers, lower gates, push jars, ride treadmills... and MORE!
  • Learn the patterns and behaviours of many DANGEROUS MONSTERS in order to trick dodge them!
  • Play with a friend (OR WITH YOURSELF) in the Tag Team stages! Alternate between Tim and the spunky girl Jess!
  • Ingame tips in the form of very cheesy, pseudo-limericks.