Template:ListingFields/with custom links

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This is an alternative to Template:ListingFields that skips the first argument.

It's intended use-case is translated lists. Items in translated lists have names like "something (Українська)", which is not something we want to show.

So, use Property:Link for lists to add the user-visible name on translated elements (replace love.load with your page):

{{#set:Link for lists=[[love.load (Українська)|love.load]]}}

And then add ?Link for lists as the first queried property, and add this template, like this:

{{#ask: [[Category:Callbacks]] [[Subcategory::General]] [[parent::love_(Українська)]] [[Concept:Current]]
| headers=hide
| format=template
| template=ListingFields/with custom links
| introtemplate=ListingIntro
| outrotemplate=ListingOutro
| ?Link for lists
| ?Description
| ?PrettySince
| ?PrettyRemoved

The resulting list should have nice links without the language identifier.