Getting Started with PÄSSION

This page intends to help friendly souls with exact instructions on how to get the LÖVE library PÄSSION started without having to dwell through its source code.

Downloading and Installing PÄSSION

The latest version of PÄSSION can be found at GitHub. You find the download button in the upper right. For more information on downloading PÄSSION, see the GitHub Wiki Instructions

The files should be unpacked to a subdirectory of your game called "passion". Make sure that you do not get two levels of directories such as "passion/kikito-passion-0ae4fdc/...". Other directory names will not work.

When unextracting the files, you may be asked whether to overwrite "timer.lua" with "Timer.lua" or vice versa. These are two distinct files so answer "no".

Initializing PÄSSION

To get PÄSSION running,

1. Include PÄSSION into your project with



PÄSSION can now be accessed through the module "passion".

2. Update your love callbacks to call the corresponding passion callbacks.

function love.draw()

function love.update(dt)

-- other callbacks your project uses

3. Done!

Now someone should write a small tutorial on creating actors.