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30logA small and effective object-orientation framework in 30 linesAny
32 lines of goodness32 lines of goodness is a small OO library that uses a domain specific language to make a neat syntax so OO is easy.0.7.2
Adult LibRun LÖVE 0.5.0 code with LÖVE 0.6.x.0.6.2
AeroGUIEasy-to-use system to create basic interfaces.
AstrayAstray is a lua based maze, room and dungeon generation library for dungeon crawlers and rougelike video games.Any
BlobA serialization and parser library for binary file formatsAny
CTRLGeneral Input Library0.10.0
CameraMgrA highly dynamic and robust camera library in around 200 lines of code.0.9.1+
Common Organization of Controls KitComprehensive input handling library0.8.0
ComponentImplementation of a component-based architecture11.1
CupidA debugging shim providing a console, crash logging, and project reloading.Any
DonutSimplified debug message control systemAny
DoxA Lua Documentation Generator ScriptAny
ELSchedulerPure Lua library to manage timersAny
Easy GUI SystemEGS is a simple GUI system with events and multiple controls, without over-complicating things.0.10.x
FPSGraphA simple lightweight graphing utility for LOVE0.9.x
Fizz XPlatformer(AABB) physics libraryAny
FluxFast, lightweight tweening libraryAny
GooGUI library for Love0.7.x
Graphical User Interface
GraphoonA force directed graph algorithm written in Lua.Any
GreaseThe one and (no longer) only networking libraryAny
GspötGUI library for Love0.11.x
HCA collision detection systemAny
HUDebuglövely and quick onscreen debugging
HUMPGamedev-Powertools: Gamestates, timed function calls, tweening, vectors, object orientation, cameras and signalsAny
HooECSIt's a full-featured Entity-Component-System framework for making games with LuaAny
JumperFast pathfinding library for 2D grid-based mapsAny
JupiterTable serialisation and file I/O.0.8.0
KueyKuey is a library that encode/decode strings and files with a key.Any
LUIGILovely User Interfaces for Game Inventors0.11.x
LibCompressPure Lua Compression libraryAny
LilyLÖVE Async Loading Library0.10.0
ListBoxA dynamic ListBox for LÖVE 2D. Supports touches, mouses and keyboards0.10.2
Live2LOVELÖVE library to show Live2D Cubism 2 models11.0
Lope2DA wrap over Love2D physics engine API. It makes dealing with the physics API easier and faster. It also has water pools simulation.0.8.0+
LoveAStarA* search, written in Lua, for use in LOVE.0.7.2
LoveFSLÖVE FileSystem Access0.10.2
LoveUIGUI library for Love0.7.x
LovebirdA browser-based debug console for LÖVEAny
Lovely TilesSuite of tools for loading/rendering tilemaps0.8.0
LoverNetModule designed to make networking easier0.10.x
LovetoysIt's a full-featured Entity-Component-System framework for making games with LUA. The original and only.Any
Lua FOVField of View (FOV) algorithms implemented in LuaAny
LuaNameGenLua Name Generator for characters, objects, places, etc.Any
LuaPillLuaPill (short for "Practical Isometric Layering Library for Lua") is an engine for generating isometric maps for Löve2D and Lua.0.9.1
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