Batch Start

You can use a Windows Batch File (A .bat/.cmd that uses Command Promt) to test a LOVE game without having to zip it up and change the file type to love.


This will only work for Windows Users, sorry Mac and Linux!

The Batch File

Open up Notepad, Notepad++, or any other text/code editor.

Type in the commands


start " " "%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\LOVE\love.exe"



start " " "Path\To\love.exe"

Depending on where you have LOVE installed.

**Be sure to save the file as a .bat or .cmd or it won't work**

Using the Batch File

Place your new Batch File into the same directory as your "main.lua" and double click it to run it.

i.e "Desktop\LOVE\Game\Directory"

And BAM! No more zipping your files every time you make a change to your games code!