This function was borrowed from way's 3D dice roller demo. It performs a graphics shear (AKA "skew") coordinate transformation (which affects all following draws). It's recommended to perform a before shearing.

function shear(ox, oy, xx, xy, yx, yy)
	local atan2, acos, tan = math.atan2, math.acos, math.tan
	local ex, ey, fx,fy = xx-ox, xy-oy, yx-ox, yy-oy
	if ex*fy<ey*fx then ex,ey,fx,fy=fx,fy,ex,ey end
	local e,f = (ex*ex+ey*ey)^.5, (fx*fx+fy*fy)^.5
	ex,ey = ex/e, ey/e
	fx,fy = fx/f, fy/f
	local desiredOrientation=atan2(ey+fy,ex+fx)
	local desiredAngle=acos(ex*fx+ey*fy)/2
	local z=tan(desiredAngle)
	local distortion=((1+z*z)/2)^.5, oy), z),f/distortion)

Available since LÖVE 0.8.0

This code has become obsolete as of version 0.8.0.

You can use to shear/skew the whole scene or the shear parameters in to shear/skew a single drawable.

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