TÖVE brings basic vector graphics to LÖVE. It supports:

  • Loading SVGs
  • Constructing vector graphics on the fly
  • Animating vector graphics
  • Gradients
  • Different Renderers


local tove = require "tove"
-- load graphics from svg file. TÖVE also supports
-- constructing vector graphics on the fly.
svgData = love.filesystem.read("assets/rabbit.svg")
graphics = tove.newGraphics(svgData, 200)
-- for rendering, choose among three renderers:
-- "texture" will render into a bitmap
-- "mesh" will tesselate into a mesh
-- "gpux" will use a shader implementation
graphics:setDisplay("mesh", 200)
function love.draw()
	-- render svg at mouse position.
	x, y = love.mouse.getPosition()
	graphics:draw(x, y)


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