SICK stands for Simple Indicative of Competitive sKill and is a high-score library, loosly based on Highscöre. It saves player name and score separated by a tab rather than a newline, which makes them incompatible.

The authors have dedicated the library to the public domain, as per the conditions of the Creative Commons Zero dedication

You can download it from

API functions

highscore.set(filename, places, name, score)

Called at the loading of the game, it sets the filename to load and save high-scores from and to, as well as the number of slots to be used. The last two arguments are dummy values, used if the high-score file does not exist yet.

highscore.add(name, score)

Adds a record to the table. Don't bother checking whether it was high enough to count: superfluous entries will be discarded on saving.

Just make sure this is called before closing the game, and you're set.


Returns an iterator, useful to draw high-score tables. Used as in:

for i, score, name in highscore() do, 400, i * 40), 500, i * 40)

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