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fakecanvas[WIP] Convenient canvas emulation for unsupported hardware0.8.x
gameraCamera library for LÖVE.Any
hxdxPhysics library (easier box2d)Any
inspect.luaPretty-print for Lua.Any
libSaveTableToFileLoad and save tables as text files.Any
libxmlLua XML LibraryAny
lol.luaObject prototyping library for Lua.Any
love-imguiIMGUI module for LOVE0.10.x
love-loaderLoad images and sounds in a separate thread.Any
love-nuklearLightweight immediate mode GUI for LÖVE games11.2
love.bundle Data saving lib for Love.Any
love.screenManage easily your screen resolution, caption, ...Any
lovesizeLibrary that makes it possible to work with a fixed game resolution, while scaling the screen and clipping objects outside of it, making a letterbox effect.11.0
lua-enetMultiplayer networking module for games.0.9.0
luaFortuneLibraries for procedural generation in lua.Any
luasortArray sorting algorithmsAny
lureHTML DOM Parser/Renderer.Any
memoize.luaGeneric memoization for Lua.Any
newtonExport and load Box2D bodies made in PhysicsEditor0.8.0+
profileA real-time profiler for finding bottlenecks in your gameAny
sfxr.luaGenerate your sounds dynamically, at runtime0.9.x
socketModule for HTTP, TCP, and UDP networking.0.5.0
socket (Русский)Модуль для создания HTTP/TCP/UDP соединений.0.5.0
stateful.luaStateful Object Orientation for middleclass.Any
strongA library that provides many enhancements to strings.Any
svgloverLoad and display simple SVGs.0.10.x
text.luaPretty print texts0.8.0
tile-collider Module for resolving tile collisions (+slopes)Any
tiny-ecsEntity Component System for lua.Any
tweenSmall sets of functions for performing tweening in LuaAny
tween.luaSimple tweening lib for Lua.Any
utf8Provides basic support for manipulating UTF-8 strings.0.9.2
vuduExtensive in-engine debug interface with a console, variable browser, and more0.10.0+
windfieldA wrapper of LÖVE's physics API so that using box2d becomes as simple as possibleAny
yaouiUI Kit for LÖVE '''(no longer maintened)'''0.10.0
ziplibA zipping library for löve0.10.2
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