Drawable (简体中文)

Superclass for all things that can be drawn on screen. This is an abstract type that can't be created directly. 所有可以被绘制到屏幕上的对象的父类。这只是一个抽象类,并不能被直接地实例化。


Object:release Immediately destroys the object's Lua reference. Added since 11.0
Object:type Gets the type of the object as a string.
Object:typeOf Checks whether an object is of a certain type.




Canvas Off-screen render target. Added since 0.8.0
Framebuffer Off-screen render target. Added since 0.7.0 Removed in 0.8.0
Image Drawable image type.
Mesh A 2D polygon mesh used for drawing arbitrary textured shapes. Added since 0.9.0
Mesh (Français) Un maillage (mesh) polygonal utilisé pour dessiner des formes texturées arbitraires. Added since 0.9.0
ParticleSystem Used to create cool effects, like fire.
SpriteBatch Store image positions in a buffer, and draw it in one call.
Text Drawable text. Added since 0.10.0
Texture Superclass for drawable objects which represent a texture. Added since 0.9.1
Video A drawable video. Added since 0.10.0
Video (Français) Une vidéo pouvant être tracée. Added since 0.10.0