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The codename for LÖVE 11.4 is Mysterious Mysteries. It is currently not released.

Changes from 11.3


  • Added support for r16, rg16, and rgba16 pixel formats in Canvases.
  • Added Shader:send(name, matrixlayout, data, ...) variant, whose argument order is more consistent than Shader:send(name, data, matrixlayout, ...).

Other Changes


  • Fixed build-time compatibility with Lua 5.4.
  • Fixed initial window creation to set the window's title during creation instead of after.
  • Fixed drag-and-drop to open a love game on macOS causing love.event.quit("restart") to fail.
  • Fixed fused macOS apps opening other love games when drag-and-drop is used (if the fused app hasn't already removed .love files from recognized document types).
  • Fixed memory corruption and a crash when drawing smooth lines.
  • Fixed a crash in Canvas:newImageData when the pixel format's pixel byte size multiplied by its width isn't a multiple of 4.
  • Fixed love.graphics.newVolumeImage when explicit mipmaps are provided.
  • Fixed freezes and crashes in automatic batching when an AMD GPU is used.
  • Fixed love.graphics.print and Image:replacePixels on more AMD/ATI GPUs.
  • Fixed texture memory reported by love.graphics.getStats when a volume or array Canvas is created.
  • Fixed rare issues where textures were not sent to shaders correctly.
  • Fixed Shader:send(name, data, matrixlayout, ...).
  • Fixed source code compilation on Xcode 12+.
  • Fixed source code compilation on Linux systems that don't provide posix_spawn APIs.