uLove Compliance conf.lua

O.png This page has no more real relevance to Löve.  


This conf.lua file can be used to test minimal compliance with the proposed uLove standard.

This is by no means a complete workout of your code, and you should refer to the Standard itself to be sure your code is compliant. but this conf is a useful benchmark, if it runs with this, then you are in with a good shot.

uLove conf.lua

-- conf.lua
-- use this in place of your games normal conf.lua to see how it deals
-- with some common, or likely, limitations of uLove-targeted platforms.
-- Bare in mind, this is by no means a complete test, but its a minimal 
-- benchmark; if it can't run under this, then you are definitely going to
-- have problems.
function love.conf(t)
	t.title				= "uLove Minimal Compliance Test"
	t.author			= "Textmode (DMB)"
	t.version			= 60
	t.console			= false

	t.screen.width		= 320
	t.screen.height		= 240
	t.screen.fullscreen	= false						-- this is likely to be true
													-- on an uLove target, but few modern systems
													-- actually support this res ...so, yeah.

	t.screen.vsync		= true						-- actually could go either way on a uLove
													-- platform, but anything to bring your
													-- FPS down, lest you forget that most 
													-- uLove targets are likely to be sub-500MHz
	t.modules.joystick	= true
	t.modules.audio		= true
	t.modules.keyboard	= true						--  if you actually have a game pad, you 
													-- should make sure your game can be played
													-- *entirely* using that that. and no cheating with
													-- "pro" gamepads; we're talking one D-pad, A, B,
													-- R, L, Start, and Select. and that's generous.
	t.modules.event		= true
	t.modules.image		= true
	t.modules.graphics	= true
	t.modules.timer		= true
	t.modules.mouse		= false						-- there are far more portables without
													-- mouse-like input, than those with.
	t.modules.sound		= true
	t.modules.physics	= false						-- aw, you thought uLove platforms were powerful
													-- enough to run physics, that's cute ^_^