Removed in LÖVE 0.9.0
Moved to the love.window module as love.window.setMode.

Changes the display mode.

If width or height is 0, setMode will use the width or height of the desktop.

Changing the display mode may have side effects: for example, Canvases will be cleared; make sure to save their contents beforehand.

Note: if you have disabled the screen in conf.lua and use this functon to manually create the window, then you must not call any other* function before this one. Doing so will result in undefined behavior due to OpenGL specifics.



success = width, height, fullscreen, vsync, fsaa )


number width
Display width.
number height
Display height.
boolean fullscreen (false)
Fullscreen (true), or windowed (false).
boolean vsync (true)
True if LÖVE should wait for vsync, false otherwise.
number fsaa (0)
The number of FSAA-buffers.


boolean success
True if successful, false otherwise.

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