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libxml is a minimal XML Dom library which enables lovers to load, save, and traverse xml documents within their love2d applications

Articles / Tutorials


Download libxml at github

Bugs / Feature Requests

For bugs or feature requests, please use the "Issues" section over at github



Namespace Description Implemented
libxml libxml Root Namespace Yes
libxml.dom libxml Document Object Model namespace Yes

libxml DOM Object Reference

Object Description Implemented W3C
DOM Node The Node object represents a single node in the document tree Yes Yes
DOM NodeList The NodeList object represents an ordered list of nodes Yes Yes
DOM NamedNodeMap The NamedNodeMap object represents an unordered list of nodes. Yes Yes
DOM Document The Document object represents the entire XML/HTML document. Yes Yes
DOM Element The Element object represents an element in an XML/HTML document Yes Yes
DOM Attribute The Attr object represents an attribute of an Element object. Yes Yes
DOM Text The Text object represents the textual content of an element or attribute. Yes Yes
DOM CDATA The CDATASection object represents a CDATA section in a document. Yes Yes
DOM Comment The Comment object represents the content of comment nodes in a document. Partial Yes
DOM DOMParser DOMParser object parses xml/html text and returns a DOM Object Yes No

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