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Probably the only (semi-active) hungarian translator for the wiki, for now at least... also musician and hobbyist game designer/coder.

Everlasting Love Projects

Links to be added when the projects will be released, linking to both forum threads and github pages.

Apps and Libs

  • Omniclock (Various time/date(calendar) formats combined)
  • Quantum scratchpad (Etherpad-like, except people's text "overlaps" each other.)
  • Wii-U Gamepad implementation over UDP (working with two löve instances)
  • Small-scale music notation project with realtime playback (using low-latency buffered audio streams: lpghatguy's QueueableSources - Also for testing said library)

Games and Engines

  • History of Arcadia (8 "beginner" small game clones, auto-combined in interesting ways)
  • (Auditorium / Symphonia clone)
  • Lionblaster ((multiplayer) bomberman remake/clone)
  • LDME (Bullet-hell framework)
  • (Poke-mon clone with unique mechanics and story (possibly an mmo later)
  • FyScéal Kea (First orig. game; it's a secret :3)

Contact Me