Metanet Hunter REMIX


Metanet Hunter: REMIX is the followup to Metanet Hunter, also released by NEO NEKUZEN. The game was given release on June 30th. The game also keeps the objective to destroy the Chaos Orb at the end of every level, but this time, the primary objective is to destroy the Metanet Terminal, located in Clockwork Chaos.

The second entry in the series features eight worlds, and two highly-powerful armors collected from finding the hidden shinies in the first four worlds. Presumably, the game is to receive a special game-mode called "Fantasy Game" should the game become popular.

The game itself costs $3.99 for PC, OSX, and Linux, and can be purchased at the page.

Program: NightKawata of NEO NEKUZEN

Graphics: SilverDeoxys563

Music: SDAce