ImageData:encodeEncodes ImageData.
ImageData:getDimensionsGets the width and height of the ImageData in pixels.
ImageData:getFormatGets the pixel format of the ImageData.
ImageData:getHeightGets the height of the ImageData in pixels.
ImageData:getPixelGets the color of a pixel.
ImageData:getStringGets the full ImageData as a string.
ImageData:getWidthGets the width of the ImageData in pixels.
ImageData:mapPixelTransform an image by applying a function to every pixel.
ImageData:pastePaste into ImageData from another source ImageData.
ImageData:setPixelSets the color of a pixel.


Images that have dimensions that are not a 2^n will display incorrectly as a white rectangle on some graphics chipsets. This function pads images so they will display correctly.

function newPaddedImage(filename)
	local source = love.image.newImageData(filename)
	local w, h = source:getWidth(), source:getHeight()
	-- Find closest power-of-two.
	local wp = math.pow(2, math.ceil(math.log(w)/math.log(2)))
	local hp = math.pow(2, math.ceil(math.log(h)/math.log(2)))
	-- Only pad if needed:
	if wp ~= w or hp ~= h then
		local padded = love.image.newImageData(wp, hp)
		padded:paste(source, 0, 0)

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