HSV color

The HSV color space is based on how humans perceive color, and as such, makes various aesthetically-pleasing color transformations very simple.

  • Hue describes where in the spectrum the color is. As Hue increases, a color will transition in the following order: Red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, violet, purple, magenta, red.
  • Saturation denotes how vibrant a color is. Ranges from grey to pure color.
  • Value is how saturated an image is, the amount of each color.

This function converts HSV values to RGB :

-- Converts HSV to RGB. (input and output range: 0 - 255)
function HSV(h, s, v)
    if s <= 0 then return v,v,v end
    h, s, v = h/256*6, s/255, v/255
    local c = v*s
    local x = (1-math.abs((h%2)-1))*c
    local m,r,g,b = (v-c), 0,0,0
    if h < 1     then r,g,b = c,x,0
    elseif h < 2 then r,g,b = x,c,0
    elseif h < 3 then r,g,b = 0,c,x
    elseif h < 4 then r,g,b = 0,x,c
    elseif h < 5 then r,g,b = x,0,c
    else              r,g,b = c,0,x
    end return (r+m)*255,(g+m)*255,(b+m)*255

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