Font (Tiếng Việt)

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Constructor a new Font from a TrueType Font or BMFont file. a new Font by loading a specifically formatted image.


Font:getAscentGets the ascent of the Font in pixels.
Font:getBaselineGets the baseline of the Font in pixels.
Font:getDPIScaleGets the DPI scale factor of the Font.
Font:getDescentGets the descent of the Font in pixels.
Font:getFilterGets the filter mode for a font.
Font:getHeightGets the height of the Font in pixels.
Font:getLineHeightGets the line height.
Font:getWidthDetermines the width of the given text.
Font:getWrapGets formatting information for text, given a wrap limit.
Font:hasGlyphsGets whether the Font can render a character or string.
Font:setFallbacksSets other Fonts to use if this Font doesn't have a specific character.
Font:setFilterSets the filter mode for a font.
Font:setLineHeightSets the line height.
Object:releaseImmediately destroys the object's Lua reference.
Object:typeGets the type of the object as a string.
Object:typeOfChecks whether an object is of a certain type.

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