O.png The information on this page may not be accurate or up to date due to the information pertaining to a version that is currently in development.  

The codename for LÖVE 0.11.0 is not yet announced. It is currently not released.

Changes from 0.10.2


  • Added a variant to World:update, which accepts the number of iterations to run. The defaults are now 8 and 3.
  • Added a click count argument to love.mousepressed and love.mousereleased.
  • Added love.filesystem.get/setCRequirePath, and use that to find c libraries for require.
  • Added Channel:hasRead, which checks if a message has been read. Takes an id, which Channel:push will now return.
  • Added love.math.encode/decode, which support hex and base64.
  • Added love.math.hash, which supports MD5, SHA-1 and the SHA-2 family.
  • Added support for different ImageData formats, including RGBA8 (the default), RGBA16, RGBA16F, and RGBA32F.
  • Added the ability to load Radiance HDR, OpenEXR, and 16 bit PNG images.
  • Added love.graphics.getRawImageFormats.
  • Added SpriteBatch:setDrawRange.
  • Added Shader:hasUniform.
  • Added support for non-square shader uniform matrices on desktop platforms.
  • Added Shader:send(matrixname, is_column_major, matrix, ...) which specifies how to interpret the matrix table arguments.
  • Added love.window.updateMode.
  • Added Object:release.
  • Added queueable audio sources.


  • Removed the default source type for love.audio.newSource.
  • Removed variant of love.filesystem.newFileData which takes base64 data, use love.math.decode instead.
  • Removed the no-argument variant of Text:set, use Text:clear instead.
  • Removed Shader:getExternVariable, use Shader:hasUniform instead.
  • Removed functions deprecated in LÖVE 0.10.2:
    • Removed Shader:sendInt, Shader:sendBoolean, Shader:sentFloat, Shader:sendMatrix, and Shader:sendTexture (use Shader:send instead).
    • Removed love.window.isCreated (use love.window.isOpen instead).

Other changes

  • Changed all color values to be in the range 0-1, rather than 0-255.
  • Changed love.graphics.print and friends to ignore carriage returns.
  • Changed the 'multiply' blend mode to error if not used with the 'premultiplied' blend alpha mode, since the formula only works with that anyway.
  • Changed the audio playback APIs drastically.
  • Updated Source:seek to work if the Source isn't playing.
  • Updated love.math.random to have improved numeric distribution.
  • Updated love.graphics.circle/ellipse/arc/rectangle to take transformation scale into account when determining the number of segments to use.
  • Updated Mesh:setDrawRange to take 'start' and 'count' parameters instead of 'min' and 'max'.
  • Updated Canvas:newImageData to return an ImageData with a format that matches the Canvas' as closely as possible.
  • Updated the 'vsync' field of love.window.setMode and t.window in love.conf. It's now an integer with 0 disabling vsync.