cindy - [0-255] color range in LÖVE 11

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cindy - [0-255] color range in LÖVE 11

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cindy is a small library that adds several functions to LÖVE 11 that allow you to work with a [0-255] color value range instead of the newly introduced [0.0-1.0] range in, ImageData, ParticleSystem, SpriteBatch, and Shader.

Besides adding new functions, it also provides a mechanism to patch all relevant functions and restore the 0.10 behavior. This makes it easy to port your existing projects without having to change a lot of code.

GitHub repo with code and documentation.
License: WTFPL

Thanks to ivan and pgimeno for doing code reviews and providing valuable input!
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Re: cindy - [0-255] color range in LÖVE 11

Post by ivan »

Great job with this lib, looks much cleaner!
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