Flare : Splash Screen Library for Love2D

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Flare : Splash Screen Library for Love2D

Post by YoungNeer » Mon Oct 14, 2019 5:41 pm

Flare is a splash screen library for Love2D! What it does is creates a completely customizable splash-screen window. The steps to create a basic splash-screen is simple.

The following is the most basic splash-screen one can create with Flare:- (by basic I don't mean useless though)

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flare=require 'flare'    --require the library
flare("splash.jpg")      --init flare with the background image for splash-screen
Assuming `splash.jpg` exists! reate a default splash-screen with copyright and loading text at bottom-left and no progress bar. But we decide to remove the text and show the built-in progress bar that comes with flare. So we change the second line with:-

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And that'd have the following effect:-


You can do a lots of other stuff such as set the duration of splash (which by default is 5 seconds), change the way progress bar is rendered, and so on...

Head over to the documentation to learn more
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