Luact - reactive user interfaces for Lua

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Luact - reactive user interfaces for Lua

Post by Almia » Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:43 am

Luact is a renderer-agnostic UI library for Lua. Directly inspired from React and Flutter, Luact allows for building declarative, reactive user interfaces by means of functional components, alongside hooks (inspired from React) to allow states, component lifecycle access, as well as component side-effects.

The library was initially targeted for the LÖVE framework, but I decided that, since the UI can be represented with a tree, Luact can be easily used on top of any graphics library.

Luact already has pre-built components and hooks for LÖVE.

The project is still in a development but the renderer works as intended.


you can try running the repo's main.lua on LÖVE, as it is a demo, as well as replace the LineTest component inside the App component with the TwoBox component.

docs to be added soon.

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