Adding audio formats to LÖVE (NSF)

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Re: Adding audio formats to LÖVE (NSF)

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I'm not quite sure if the OSX frameworks are up to date. Obviously you'll need GME too, and that's not added yet. The OSX builds *will* support GME, though, so ... patience. ;)
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Re: Adding audio formats to LÖVE (NSF)

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Viento wrote:Haha, amazing support! I was just wondering if it was possible, but to actually add it to the thanks! :D

I downloaded the source you linked to and fired up xcode, but I'm getting 140+ errors when I try to compile. They are mostly "XX was not declared in this scope" and "ostream forbidden with this type" errors. I have the Löve dependancies installed in frameworks - do I need anything else to build the app?

Well, don't be surprised. Welcome to OSX LOVE compiling reality. I already warned once (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9139#p56193) of the problems. Be able to compile OSX version can't be done by the given instructions in wiki, is more like rocket science and a privilege only to some.
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