about Lua and games

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about Lua and games

Post by tutor_34 »

Dose anyone know where i can download a demo game or something look at its code and mess with it? without just downloading the game need folders and files anyone? i know people ask this all the time like neewbies but i couldnt find anyone else's. so i made this one of my own thanks and i learn really quick bein i been lookin at game development stuff for some time now i mean years....need some more exsperience i know this would take me to the next phases if anyone can help appreciate it thanks

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Re: about Lua and games

Post by milon »

See the Games & Creations thread:

Look for anything with an attachment or a link. You'll find code snipets, full games (.love files), etc. Keep in mind that a .love file is just a renamed .zip file - you can unzip it to see all the files & code.

Also, check out Sheepolution - it has LOTS of great tutorials, examples, etc.
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