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GNU Go (board game engine) usage in LÖVE

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 9:00 pm
by Sasha264
Hello! :nyu:

Here is Go board game which is 2500 years old
And here is an open source implementation for the AI for this game
Which is not very strong at playing compared to the modern versions. But it is free and it is easy to integrate, as it says =)
Theirs repo

My intent is to create a tutorial-app for Go-beginners for Android & iOS. And I need to integrate some basic AI, so I looked at this GNU Go AI and figured out that it is not "easy to integrate" for me :cry: because I am noobie in integrating & compiling C/C++ projects.

If the project will suppose to run only on desktop then I can use copliled version of this AI engine, and communicate with it through text files. But can I do it for Android & iOS? Maybe (ideally) here is a way to do it inside LÖVE framework completely, so it will work on any platform without additional troubles?

Any links or any suggestions will be highly :oops: appreciated :3