I need help with the compilation (Resolved)

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I need help with the compilation (Resolved)

Post by Leonardo2450 »

I was compiling my game but for some reason this error comes out. Attached images of the code and the organization of the attached files.

Update 14/08
Apparently it was the Ñ that did not allow loading the file. Thank you all for your ideas.
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Re: I need help with the compilation

Post by zorg »

The issue could be one of two thing:
- Usually, if your file is not exactly called "leñador.png", including correct capitalization, löve won't be able to load it from a zip archive, since that (and other OS-es do as well) actually differentiates based on capitalization, whereas windows ignores that for some messed up reason. (the folders need to adhere to the same rules as well)
- Alternatively, the issue might be with the 'ñ' character, and you can test this with simply replacing it with something that's ascii-friendly, like 'n~' or '~n' or something, to test whether it still errors or not.
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Re: I need help with the compilation

Post by raidho36 »

As the error text says: the file you specified does not exist. Check if the file by that exact path and name is actually there. There shouldn't possibly be any unicode issues, but also try latin-only filenames.
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Re: I need help with the compilation

Post by pgimeno »

My guess is that the problem is with the ñ, since it correctly loaded 'calendario.png'.

There's an encoding problem somewhere, but it's difficult to tell where. There's the encoding used to save the source (Lua strings are binary), then the encoding used by PhysFS, then the encoding used by zip (if you're creating a .love file) and finally the filesystem encoding. Somewhere along that path there's a mismatch, that causes the ñ encoding to not match the filename.

If your source file is not in UTF-8, I'd try to convert it to UTF-8 first and see if that helps. If it doesn't, getting rid of the ñ would work best, e.g. use 'lenyador' instead of 'leñador'.
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