Just a quick question

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Just a quick question

Post by im2awsm »

If my game is a .love file, will the person who is playing my game need LOVE to play it? Thanks. If so, is there a way around it? (Im on Windows 7 if you need to know ;) )
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Re: Just a quick question

Post by baconhawka7x »

Well, the thing is. When you release your game, you will package it in a way that love2d will be included in your game, I'm sure someone will clerify that a little more, but I would wait to package it until your game is fully done. If you are just having a friend try it out, then they should probably just download Love
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Re: Just a quick question

Post by veethree »

Check out the wiki. There's an article about game distribution. It covers how to make an executable from a .love file.

Edit: This is mentioned in the article, But i thought i'd include it here, There's a tool available called love2d Compiler which makes the executable for you. I haven't personally tried it though.
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Re: Just a quick question

Post by nevon »

When you release your final game, you'll most likely concatenate the LÖVE binary with your .love-file. That will result in a binary that can be run as a standalone application.
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Re: Just a quick question

Post by Robin »

I'd like to note that I always provide a .love as well, and I hope you do the same. It's almost zero extra effort, and those who already have LÖVE can just download that, which means the download is faster, less hard drive space used (while it's not terribly large, it is kind of silly to have the LÖVE executable lying around hundreds of times, once for each game you have), and the server you're using can spare some bandwidth. Plus, it makes it easier for the security minded people to play your game without having to trust you.
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