Lua51.dll and Lua5.1.dll

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Lua51.dll and Lua5.1.dll

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I've tried to use luars232 lib with Love2d (0.9.1) but I had problems with the lua51.dll. I've changed it with two dlls I've found over net (Lua51.dll+Lua5.1.dll) and I've solved the problem. I think that Lua5.1.dll simply redirect the calls to Lua51.dll.
I've tried to use LuaJIT lib 2.0.2 (just substituting the original Lua51.dll in the Love2d folder) and I've obtained great results in term of performance but the luars232 lib does'nt work more.
Do you suggest some solution for using Love2d+luars232+LuaJIT?
Thank you in advance for your help.
Kindest regards,
Pier Andrea.
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