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Post by Banoticus »

How do i create a server that can transfer tables or integers from client to client and have a configurable file where you can edit the IP address?
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Re: Servers

Post by Robin »

Sorry if this answer seems a bit harsh, but: you write it.

This question sounds like "how do I create a game where there are two rectangles, one for each player, and there is a small white ball that bounces up and down and a player scores a point when other player misses the ball?"

Look up luasocket if you want to use Lua, or use Python and use the socket library, or use another language and another networking library... but pick something, read up on it, read a tutorial or two and get busy programming.

It's not hard, but it's not something that we can give you a snippet for so you are done with it.
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Re: Servers

Post by Davidobot »

Hmm.... Is there any tutorials that you can link me?
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Re: Servers

Post by josefnpat »

Davidobot wrote:Hmm.... Is there any tutorials that you can link me?
There are code samples in the LuaSocket introduction.
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