.net support?

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.net support?

Post by rob1242 »

Is it possible to make features in my menus such as text boxes and list boxes or do I have to find some way to to integrate the .net framework into the c++ part of love 2d?
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Re: .net support?

Post by 1414codeforge »

Hello rob1242, welcome to the LÖVE forums.

There are several user interface libraries for LÖVE, you may want to have a look to the wiki:

And to the awesome LÖVE list:
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Re: .net support?

Post by togFox »

there are no out-of-the-box gui controls. The best part about love is you learn to make your own or use some one else's library. :)
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Re: .net support?

Post by zorg »

It is possible to make menus, text boxes, list boxes, any other graphical element... if you code it or use a library. Integrating in .NET isn't the way you want to go down on though.
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