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Adaptive music?

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2021 4:36 am
by oblanma
So, I was simply wondering if there was any way to creat adaptive music in love2d, and if anyone had advice on making it. I had this thought after playing Celeste and wanted to try and use the same concepts of adaptive music in that game within my own. Any advice is appreciated!

Re: Adaptive music?

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2021 1:16 pm
by zorg
Hi and welcome to the forums!

There are many ways to make adaptive music, but since you specified Celeste-like, it's one of the simpler methods i think;

One solution could be fully layered tracks cross-fading from one to another (the current one fading out, the next one simultaneously fading in)

Another way you can accomplish this, is to have multiple "layers" playing at the same time as different Source objects started together with since that takes multiple arguments; you can set the volume of each both beforehand and during playback, so you can fade-in and fade-out specific tracks to your liking.

Even more complicated is when you combine the above two methods, but it'll get even more generic and have the potential to be even more expressive.

Now, up until this point, you could just use Source objects played simultaneously and/or one after another... but you could also use one QueueableSource object and Decoder objects if the number of Sources are getting out of hand. (There's a limit of active as in playing Source objects, though it's usually large enough...)

If you'd want even more fine-tuned control, down to the note level, (sound)tracker modules (files) would be a solution, unfortunately löve doesn't expose any fine-grained control over them, so you'd need another hand-crafted solution (parser + player) which isn't the simplest to implement... i know, i tried and it's not finished :D

But yeah, on the level of Celeste, it should be easier, just wanted to cover all bases.