LÖVE Jam 2020

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LÖVE Jam 2020

Post by Positive07 »


Hey folks! I'll be hosting a new LÖVE Jam!

Jam starts on February 21th 23PM GMT+0 and ends on February 24th 23PM GMT+0.

  • Your game needs to be made with the LÖVE framework
    If possibly provide a .love file with the rest of your builds, and clearly state which version of LÖVE was used.
  • Notify about mature / sensitive content.
    If your game features such content you should have some warning in the description or when the game first loads up.
  • The game must be made during the jam.
    Existing basecode and libraries can be used. Games made before the jam are not basecode, and go against the spirit of the jam.
  • Assets must be made during the jam.
    Logo, intro and fonts are exceptions to this rule. If you do use existing assets you must state that in your game's description and credit the author! People voting should encourage assets made during the jam.
  • You can work alone or as a team. Find one on CrowdForge!
    There is no restriction on the number of members, but the more people, the harder it is to get organized, so 2/4 works best.
  • The theme is optional.
    It will be provided as inspiration 12 hours before the Jam starts.

We would love to see your game submission!
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Re: LÖVE Jam 2020

Post by mizzenwine »

Wow so cute!
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Re: LÖVE Jam 2020

Post by lukstunning »

LÖVE Jam is perfect platform for beginners as well as advanced users. Thanks for sharing tips in this thread.
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