Help developing my own beat detection Module

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Help developing my own beat detection Module

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hi all

so recently I've found a beat detection code here
but the problem is i don't want to use someone elses module on a count as I'm fussy like that :P

so can someone help me develop my own module or even give me a very small example of beat detection nothing huge just something that i can get started with and add more and more to as i go on .

The main things i need in my module are these:

Code: Select all

local Beat = require "Beat" --require the library

music = Beat:newSource("music.wav", "stream"), 100, 100+music:getEnergy()*10)




---and also the ability to drag and drop audio files onto the love program then add them to a queue which is played when entering the game (basically a drag and drop playlist) 
any help in making/implementing these commands (or even if you could just help me find the bit of code which controls the beat detection here) will be greatly appreciated

thanks :)
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