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Foley Art

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:04 pm
by EliterScripts

Short version: does anyone want free sounds (not music) made for them, for free? Please give me your requests!

I am interested in making a few dollars on the side doing Foley art. I understand "Foley art" to be the art of making sounds (not music), typically for use in film to make the viewer take sounds and attach it to the visuals (tricking the viewer into believing that what they are seeing is what they are hearing). Often times, a Foley artest has to see or understand the aural situation, and has to find objects that produce the sound they desire, record it, and manipulate it.
I would like to get some experience with Foley art before I start charging people, so that is why I am offering free Foley art services. I have never done this before, although I have tried making some sounds using Audacity once, so I imagine it would help me fulfill requests if I got: (1) the description of the sound, (2) a visual to go with the sound, and (3) how the audience should feel after hearing the sound. I am thinking that I will give you guys a Creative Commons 1.0 Universal license to the work I do for free, with the request that you give credit to me, but I would not legally require it.