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lua 5.1

Post by wazoowazoo »

I have noticed an error in lua 5.1, it happens when setting the __len method in a metatable.
Lets imagine I have written this code :

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meta = {}
function meta.__len(v)
	return 782

function createType()
	return setmetatable({}, meta)

v = createType()
this code will return 0 and not 782 as expected.

So I am asking if there are any plans of updating the lua version in future.
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Re: lua 5.1

Post by pgimeno »

It's not enabled by default, but I believe you can enable it if you compile LÖVE from sources.

Perhaps it would be nice if some future version enables 5.2 extensions by default.

There are good reasons why LÖVE uses LuaJIT.
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Re: lua 5.1

Post by bartbes »

Note that the lua 5.1 docs specify the following behaviour for the length operator:

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     function len_event (op)
       if type(op) == "string" then
         return strlen(op)         -- primitive string length
       elseif type(op) == "table" then
         return #op                -- primitive table length
         local h = metatable(op).__len
         if h then
           -- call the handler with the operand
           return (h(op))
         else  -- no handler available: default behavior
That is, for tables (and strings) the # operator is a primitive operation, and the method does not get called. Lua 5.2 enabled using __len on tables.
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