Programming High?

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Re: Programming High?

Post by nevon »

rude wrote:The result was Adolf Quest II, which had Adolf Hitler (in sieg-heil-pose) riding on a flying dolphin, shooting Stars of David on awkwardly animated and continuously powering-up strongmen from the Megadrive version of Altered Beast.
And there we have it. Definitive proof that intoxication makes you a better developer.
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Re: Programming High?

Post by tsturzl »

I've done it before whilst programming, however I don't think it really "helped". I was mored focused on programming but the math and logic doesn't come together as well.
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Re: Programming High?

Post by Lafolie »

I usually think up most of my ideas in an altered state and then write the code when I'm sober. Now and then I'll write some pseudo-code down but for most things I usually just think about how I will go about achieving the effect I want.

Needless to say I often forget bits and end up reconsidering functions and objects, often re-designing them when I come to some realisation whereby I can write something more effectively. The result is a load of half-finished projects that I dip into to pick bits of code out and re-use. I'm getting much better through doing this and have recently started a simple project rather than the bigger ideas I had before. My hopes are that this one is simple enough for me to actually build something more than a tech demo. I did this before with a zombie game, but I got annoyed with the messy code and kind of forgot about it.

I pretty much spent every minute of last week on the toke, and now I'm full of ideas and have lots of code planned out. I even wrote some of it. I looked back at it the other day and noticed some pretty funny syntax errors.

Works for me. I guess it depends on the state you're normally in. If you're not used to being in a certain way, the effects will be more drastic and your coding ability will be compromised appropriately. But that's just my 2 pence. :P
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