How to address unwanted motion blur?

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How to address unwanted motion blur?

Post by unixfreak »

This is mostly relative to side-scrolling games, i tried searching the forum but only found this thread --

Basically, regardless of any colour palette, i can never seem to get around unwanted motion blur with a side-scrolling game.
If you think something similar to sonic the hedgehog where you might move fast at times, if i recreate the same behavior (like bouncing on a spring) or running at full speed, everything becomes blurred and feels very disorientating.

It has more to do with the human eye like someone mentioned in the thread i linked to, for example when you wave your hand in front of your eyes it becomes slightly blurred, but what methods can work around this?

There are many platformers which i have played, which scroll fast at times and don't have the noticeable blur issue.

I have noticed that disabling vsync (eg; in a conf.lua file) and capping the fps at 60 manually, reduces the problem slightly, but is still highly noticeable. I was wondering, for anyone who has attempted a side-scrolling game, how did you get around this or reduce this unwanted visual effect?
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Re: How to address unwanted motion blur?

Post by Nixola »

I *think* capping to a lower framerate (30fps for example) could solve the issue at the expense of responsiveness, but I'm not sure
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Re: How to address unwanted motion blur?

Post by unek »

I think it's ghosting, which is caused by high response time of your monitor.

Changing the framerate wouldn't help in that case, though changing the colour palette could (which you've already done).
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Re: How to address unwanted motion blur?

Post by WZ »


You may find solution to the problem here: ... Theory-and
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