Subcategories for Library wiki pages?

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Subcategories for Library wiki pages?

Post by clofresh »

I just noticed that the wiki does a cool thing by creating an index for all the library pages:

However it's a pretty long list. Maybe it might be helpful if we could add subcategories for libraries? That way, someone looking for a specific piece of functionality could find and compare the different options much more easily.

Some examples might be:

* animation
* serialization
* shader
* AI
* sound
* tweening
* collisions
* network
* debugging
* class
* state management
* timing
* framework
* algorithm


Not sure if the wiki can support that or not.
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Re: Subcategories for Library wiki pages?

Post by TsT »

I'm absolutely agree with you.
I'm feel less lonely ! :)

I'm not admin of the wiki, but I decided to try something in this direction.
I focused on GUI library for love.
I started to manually list all GUI lib found. And create the wiki page to work.
After that I changed all wiki page of all GUI project to add a tag in the meta informations
The {{#set:Keyword=GUI}}

I fillay try to wrote a similar automatic listing (like the ) but limited to the GUI tagged pages.

In conclusion
I think it's possible to make wiki pages (1 for each tag) and make a better automatic listing.
I don't know if this approach support multiple tags.
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Re: Subcategories for Library wiki pages?

Post by zorg »

If you can add multiple set keywords, it should support multiple ones.
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