ABC Music Notation and how bad it sounds

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Re: ABC Music Notation and how bad it sounds

Post by Inny »

Robin and Jasoco's versions are what I got as well. The reason I was worried about it is that libmodplug treats .abc files as being equivalent to .mid files with regards to the existence of GUS patch files on the local system. Windows and Mac users are all going to get sine and square waves. Linux users that bothered to install the patch files would get a different sound.
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Re: ABC Music Notation and how bad it sounds

Post by Jasoco »

Well, all I know is I have no idea what an ABC file is, except that it keeps crashing the part of my beta OS that creates previews because it apparently thinks it's a totally different file type or something. (Something called a "Alembic 3D Scene" document. And since it's not a 3D document, it crashes the plugin that thinks it is as it tries to create a preview for the Finder and Quicklook.)
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Re: ABC Music Notation and how bad it sounds

Post by zorg »

what i hear on win7: ... c_test.mp3

By the way, if you want a more consistent sounding track, why not just use a module format like .mod (that libmodplug also supports)? with samples that were used in chiptunes, it can easily be used to create an antiquated style music as well as modern tracks... unless the point was something else that i didn't notice.
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