there has any tricks to improve FPS for old PC?

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Re: there has any tricks to improve FPS for old PC?

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baby_nux wrote:i use linux ubuntu 10.10 with:
pentium 4 3 Ghz
onboard via chrome VGA 128 mb.
ram DDR2 1 Gb.

i was use sdl framework before and has good FPS from it ( to make sure vga driver work well ).
but when i use love2d, FPS drop ( even with simple background image and a moving object )

there is any tricks to improve FPS with love2d engine? any idea?

( sry for my english, i'm from Indonesia )
I use Ubuntu 10.10 with a pentium 4 @ 1.7 GHz, single core, a 32 MB graphics card that has some tiny GPU stowed away somewhere, and 1 gb of RAM.

I had serious problems running love with a high framerate until I got openGL accelerated drivers from NVIDIA.
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